What is ASCUE?

ASCUE is the Association Supporting Computer Users in Education and is an annual technology conference that takes place in Myrtle Beach, SC.   The first annual conference took place in 1967 and celebrates 50 years and counting.   It is comprised of attendees/members from mostly small and medium colleges and universities.

Who attends ASCUE?

Typical attendees are faculty and staff from small and medium colleges and universities who have an interest in varied topics in the computer/technology fields.   This includes, but is not limited to, IT Directors, Educational Technology Specialists, IT Support Personnel, Faculty, etc.  Come and join us!

Our Mission & Vision
ASCUE is the Association Supporting Computer Users in Education and we’ve been around since 1968. Our members hail from all over North America. Our Board plans the conference and works hard to see everything is running smoothly. Our mission is to provide opportunities for resource-sharing, networking, and collaboration within an environment that fosters creativity and innovation in the use of technology within higher education. We have a vision, too. This vision captures where we want to see ASCUE be in the next three to five years. Here it is:

ASCUE is an international community of individuals committed to the innovation, implementation and furtherance of technology trends, equipment and practices within higher education. ASCUE is a major catalyst for technology innovation and, as such, provides leadership and opportunities for collaboration to our members. The annual ASCUE conference is internationally recognized for innovation, creativity, and excellence.

We really want to see that happen. So much so, that we’ve made the following commitments:

  • We are committed to planning and providing an annual conference that, with excellence, will be a place for educators to both inspire and be inspired by other educators.
  • We are committed to creating a conference experience ripe for fostering opportunities for technology innovation, inspiration, and networking among members.
  • We are committed to seeking new opportunities to facilitate collaboration within the membership outside of our annual conference.
  • We are committed to innovation and creativity in the higher education classroom and our integration of technology.

We haven’t just committed to these things without putting some action behind them. Here are our goals for the next three to five years.

  • Fully develop the ASCUE website to be a place for resource-sharing among our members
  • Maximize available social media tools to build and encourage a true sense of community among our members
  • Develop a culture of trust and comradery among our members, providing a catalyst for life-long professional relationships
  • Inspire our members to be innovative and creative in the proper use of technology within higher education.
  • Increase our conference attendance by 50% in the next three years
  • Develop a plan for offering post-conference webinars
  • Recruit innovative leaders to share their experience via an educational technology best-practices blog
  • Establish an innovator of the year program with the goal of inspiring each member to be innovative in their institutions

Our Logo
In June 2012 we began the process to design a new logo. Our logo represents, visually, who we are as an organization. The ASCUE Logo is composed of both a symbol and wordmark. The symbol is a stylized digital letter “A” (called “the digital a”) suggesting collaboration, connection, and community. The smaller triangles come together to form a greater “whole” – that is, ASCUE. Each of the 11 triangles being a different color embodies the idea that we each of our members has a unique story, and they bring their individual experience, skills, and creativity to better the ASCUE community.

While the number of 11 has no real significance to ASCUE, one of the greatest innovations in science and technology was the Apollo 11 spacecraft. As an organization, by way of collaboration, innovation and creativity, we aim for our members to also be leaders in technology, specifically in higher education.

The wordmark is set in right typeface Avenir Roman. The type is uppercase. “Adrian Frutiger designed Avenir in 1988. He felt an obligation to design a linear sans in the tradition of Erbar and Futura, but to also make use of the experience and stylistic developments of the twentieth century. The word Avenir means “future” in French and hints that the typeface owes some of its interpretation to Futura. But unlike Futura, Avenir is not purely geometric; it has vertical strokes that are thicker than the horizontals, an “o” that is not a perfect circle, and shortened ascenders. These nuances aid in legibility and give Avenir a harmonious and sensible appearance for both texts and headlines” (Source: MyFonts.com).