Criteria for Quality Papers

  1. The paper is well organized with an introduction, main body divided into appropriate sections, figures and tables (if any) embedded at appropriate locations, a conclusion or summary section, and a list of It is well written with complete sentences and correct spelling.
  2. The paper adds to the current state of It is original and does not repeat previously published results without adding to the knowledge embedded in these prior results.
  3. The content of the paper is appropriate to the conference theme and the author clearly explains this connection.
  4. The approach used by the author to collect and process data is The paper is technically correct.
  5. The paper exhibits professional All results from prior work are properly referenced. No one else’s work is quoted without acknowledgement.
  6. The presentation is clear, uses appropriate and well-defined terminology, pays attention to detail, and is self-contained and well-integrated.
  7. The discussion is not It contains sufficient depth as to provoke critical thought on the part of the reader.
  8. The conclusions reached are sound and follow from the data and analysis in the paper.
  9. The paper is a significant contribution to the field and will appeal to the ASCUE audience.
  10. The list of references is comprehensive and The paper refers to these references in the text.