General Information
You must register for the conference to have your paper published in the conference proceedings.

Due Dates – March 27, 2018 (peer-reviewed track only);  May 1, 2018 (all other tracks)
Length – Between 7 & 10 pages including graphics and references. Papers longer than 10 pages will be edited if necessary for clarity and completeness.

Paper Tracks

Peer-Reviewed Track: Some colleges and universities require faculty to have their papers peer-reviewed in order to qualify for financial support for attending the conference. ASCUE provides this service. Persons wishing their papers to be reviewed indicate this preference when submitting their abstract. If the abstract is accepted, the author(s) agree to review up to three papers and submit their paper early to give the three referees of their paper time to review it and decide whether or not to accept it into the peer-reviewed track.  Whether or not the paper is accepted into the peer-reviewed track, the presenter is invited to present the paper at the conference.  The comments of the reviewers are sent to the author(s) in time for them to improve the paper and presentation. Some authors use the peer-reviewed track for this purpose even when their institution does not require it. See this list of criteria for peer-reviewed track papers.

Regular Track:  Papers not submitted or accepted into the peer-reviewed track are put into the regular track and are printed in the section of the proceedings which follows the accepted peer-reviewed papers. These papers are printed as they are submitted.

Format – Make the formatting as simple as possible; tabs and returns only. The proceedings have a standard format style for all papers. Please limit excess formatting like centering and justification, and especially font and style changes. The proceedings will be printed in Times New Roman 12 point with graphics embedded directly in the document. Make sure that your title, author information, and paragraph headings are not marked for Table of Content reference and that you do not use endnotes. Footnotes are acceptable.

Be sure to include:

  • Title
  • Author information: Name, department, school, address, phone, e-mail address
  • Headings (Please do not use large fonts and do not identify them as Heading 1 or 2)
  • Sub-headings (as needed)
  • Tables (use plain tables between columns)
  • Embedded graphics (as needed)
  • List of references
  • Spell check your document thoroughly

Additional tips and guidelines for submitted a quality paper are available here.

If you have questions about submitting your paper, contact Peter Smith at (574-289-2126).

Submitting Your Paper
Submit your document in a Windows-compatible file format.

Email using MIME-capable mail software.
Include or attach your document in MS-Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), or ASCII (DOS) format

Send it to: (574-289-2126).

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