Save the DATE!!!

Join us June 10-14, 2018 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as ASCUE celebrates its 51st year of meeting together for our annual educational technology information sharing and collaboration conference!

Your ASCUE Board is working hard to plan an extra-special conference that will be worth attending for sure!

Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE!

Our 2018 Keynote Address will be given by Barry Moltz who is an engaging and renowned motivational speaker who will be sure to inspire you in many ways!  His topic will be “How to Skyrocket your Productivity – with or without Technology!”  Here’s a preview!

Below are several of the sessions from our 2017 Conference just to give you a sample of what you might expect to see in 2018:

  • Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom
  • Effective Strategies for Promoting YouTube Channels
  • An introduction to “Deep Learning”
  • Improving the Development and Implementation of Online Courses: A Student’s Perspective
  • Deploying Microsoft DirectAccess
  • Window PowerShell – Scripting Microsoft Updates
  • Developing a Self-Paced Orientation for Online Faculty
  • ASCUE 2067: How We Will Attend Posthumously
  • You TOO Can Be Cool! Play at the Beach with Cool Tools
  • Upholding Accessibility Standards when Selecting Tech Tools
  • Almost Like Being There: Using Synchronous Meetings in Online Computing Courses
  • Google Classrooms and Digital Notebooks
  • Window PowerShell – Task Automation
  • Uniting Interdisciplinary Groups through 3D Printing
  • Curating and Contextualizing Literature
  • Polytechnic: Taking the plunge
  • Transitioning to the Polytechnic: The Game Development Aspect
  • The Textbook You Already Have
  • Student Success in the Online Learning Environment
  • ACTC – Takin’ Tech to the Streets
  • Evaluation of a college course textbook and adaptive online learning supplement about personal and community health
  • Perspectives on the past, present, and future in computer-related areas as they impact academia, business, and other areas
  • Maintaining Sanity with Security
  • Exploring the possibility of Using AWS (Amazon Web Services) for HPC (High Performance Computing) or as an alternative to high-end client workstation computers
  • Free Gamified Learner Response Systems
  • Adobe Creative Cloud in the classroom
  • The Potential Benefits and Pitfalls of a Professor going Paperless
  • The Impact of Personal Media Devices On Undergraduate College Student Engagement in the Classroom
  • Creating Flex Classrooms: 101 Fails, and How to Avoid Them
  • “Trends in Cloud Computing in Higher Education: IaaS”
  • What’s in the Secret Sauce?
  • Groupthink: Strategies to Engage Student Collaboration

… and more innovations, collaborations, and creative presentations will be provided and posted soon!

Hope to see you there!